Descrição do Produto

Product description: PVC Tarp developed as an alternative to Polycarbonate.  It is suitable for sheet confection, small coverages and facades.

Material: Reinforced PVC Laminate or PVC Tarp with polyester fabric.



Size: 50 m coils. Available in 1.40 width.

Produced with low wick fabric.

Color: Available in several colors.  Check our color catalog.

Bright surface finishing.


  • - PVC Tarp confectioned with high resistance material and durability;
  • - With low wick fabric treatment;
  • - Additivated material;
  • - Light and flexible, shapes itself well to any kind of structure;
  • - Smooth surface facilitates cleaning;
  • - Easy welding through high frequency or hot air machines;
  •  - Technical Assistance throughout the national territory.


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