Industrial cistern

Industrial cistern

Descrição do Produto

Product description: For water storage, whether through rain capturing, or supplied by tanker trucks or other means.

Used in rural properties, industries, works or other locations guaranteeing water storage with good quality for irrigation, cleaning and other uses.

Material: Is composed of a pocket, reinforced Laminate OVC or PVC Tarp confeccioned with PVC geomembrane, Vinimanta brand which coats completely the excavation performed on the soil and covered with reinforce PVC laminate or PVC tarp. Nontoxic material.


Size: Confectioned in several measures. Contact us.

Capacity: 200 m³. Larger capacities under consultation.

Accessories: Coverage with system armed with galvanized iron with reinforced PVC laminate or PVC Tarp.

Package: Individual.


  • PVC Tarp confectioned with high resistance material, durability and imperviousness;
  • Its coverage avoids light passage and entrance of bugs and dirt;
  • Easy installation, handling and transportation;
  • With the use of the PVC pocket that coats the excavation, maintains a lower water temperature, minimizing conditions of microorganisms proliferation;
  • Nontoxic material;
  • Easy maintenance;
  • Low cost.
  • Technical Assistance throughout the national territory.