Viniliq estacionário é a Caixa Dágua Flexível da Sansuy

Descrição do Produto

Product description: Tank or flexible reservoir for storage of water both potable and multiple use.

Indicated for potable water supply in locations where it is not available. Recommended for emergency supply, setbacks, landscaping, among other events that require storage of liquids.

Possibility of placing client’s logo. Under consultation.


Material: Reinforced PVC laminate or PVC tarp with high tenacity polyester threads fabric, nontoxic material.

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Size: Oblong Shape. Several sizes

Capacity: From 3.000 liters to 200.000 liters. Above 18.000 liters under consultation.

Accessories: Filling and emptying nozzle.

Color: Light gray.

Package: Individual.


  • PVC Tarp confectioned with high resistance material, durability, imperviousness and convenience;
  • Additives to avoid degradation;
  • UV rays;
  • Anti-fungi.
  • Uses nontoxic material, guaranteeing that the water does not retain taste or odor;
  • Product in conformity with dengue prevention methods;
  • Completely sealed product, avoiding contamination;
  • Easy to fill and empty through valves;
  • Supply is made in a quick and simple way, without waste;
  • Flexibility that facilitates transportation and handling;
  • Quick and easy installation ad assembly, without the need for specialized technicians;
  • When not in use, it can be folded reducing storage space;
  • Low Cost.
  • Technical Assistance throughout the national territory.
  • Imagem de viniliq estacionario - Sansuy
  • Imagem de viniliq estacionario - Sansuy
  • Imagem de viniliq estacionario - Sansuy