Big Bag

Descrição do Produto

Big Bag, or Flexible Container, for transportation or storage of bulk products, of different densities. Used to transport and/or storage materials of several natures, including hydrophilic, guaaranteeing complete imperviousness. Recommended use in segments such as: chemical industry, food, cicvil construction, cement factory, mining, agricultural, among others.

Material: Reinforced PVC laminate or PVC tarp, with high tenacity polyester threads fabric, coated on both faces by PVC film with additives.


Size: Several sizes / capacities (special dimensions, under consultation).

Accessories: Load Nozzle, Unload Nozzle, Label Holder, printing possibility of brand/logo, sequential numbering, and reinforced lifting straps system.

Color: Blue – standard (other colors, under consultation).

Package: Individual


  • PVC Tarp confectioned with high resistance material, durability, imperviousness and convenience;
  • Protection against weather on outdoor stocking;
  • Easy to handle, does not requires complex installations for handling;
  • Reduction of product contamination risk during handling and transportation;
  • Reduction of product loss by tearing, in relation to common paper sacking, or polyethylene (raffia);
  • Reduction of labor time on the load and unload operation;
  • Economy regarding one way type package expenses;
  • Easy to stock in covered or outdoor spaces;
  • The containers are foldable, occupying samll spaces when empty, providing freight reduction when returning and storage space;
  • Enables transport means with a greater load due to better use of space;
  • Its use is compatible with several transport means, such as: highway, railway, aerial, fluvial and maritime;
  • The Vinicon big bag allows complete control during transit, from source to final destination, through visual identification of the logo and the sequential numbering branded on each part, thereby facilitating traceability.
  • Technical Assistance throughout the national territory.
  • Big Bag Vinicon