Flexible net tank for fish farming.

Product Description

Pre-molded tank for fish and shrimp farming, it can be used as a water reservoir..  Learn more about this product on the website:


Material: Flexible PVC laminate, reinforced with high tenacity polyester threads, nontoxic (PVC Tarp).

- From 5.000 liters to 100.000 liters. Circular Shape
- Dimensões: Up to 3.80x1.00m with the option to install the Anti-Fugue Screen device

Capacity: From 5.000 liters to 100.000 liters. Circular Shape

Accessories: Supplied with carbon steel structure or engineering plastic.

Color: Contact us.

Package: Individual.


  • PVC Tarp used in the manufacturing guarantees resistance and durability, aside from holding advanced ambiance technology;

  • Material with anit-UV (Ultra Violet) additive and anti-fungi, avoiding degradation;

  • Nontoxic raw material; does not transmit taste or smell to the water;

  • The welds are mad ein the factory, with total gauarantee of its efficiency and durability;

  • Quick and easy installation, without the need for special supports;

  • Easy to transport, handle, clean and repair;

  • Supplying is made in a simple, fast way without wasting water;

  • Indicated for production of fry and juveniles, and for food training of carnivorous fish;

  • Indicated for cleaning fish, mussels and oysters before slaughter, quarantine and reproductive management of aquatic organisms;

  • Low and accessible cost, allowing quick investment return;

  • The storage tank bag, offered as an accessory, facilitates transportation and handling the breed;

  • Permanent technical assistance throughout the national territory for our product.

  • Imagem de tanque circular - Sansuy
  • Imagem de tanque circular - Sansuy