Submerged Tank - Vinitanq

Submerged tank for fish farming

Product Description

Flexible tanks for fluvial, maritime, lake or artificial aquatic nurseries for fish farming. Learn more about this product on the website:


Size: Squared and rectangular nurseries of small and medium volume. Circular nurseries of medium and large volume, that can be supplied with plastic engineering flotation collar with diameters from 7 to 40 m.  Available with mesh opening of 1,0 x 1,0 mm up to 25 mm x 25 mm between adjacent nots. Contact us.

Accessories: Components of different materials: (wood, iron bar, nylon rope, tubes and PVC). Other accessories can be acquired, such as: feeder, bags and cover for vinitanq. (pictures)

Color: Contact us.

Package: Individual.

Product available for purchase by BNDES Card.

This product is accredited in the More Food program.


  • PVC Tarp used in the manufacturing guarantees resistance and durability, aside from holding advanced ambiance technology;

  • Great resistance to weather, to UV rays;

  • The welds are mad ein the factory, with total gauarantee of its efficiency and durability;

  • Fast and easy installation;

  • Easy to transport, handle, clean and repair;

  • The modular system allows unlimited tank multiplication;

  • Offers better water and oxygen flow;

  • Does not cause injuries or stress to the fishes and shrimps;

  • Provides cost reduction with disease treatment;

  • Some species (carp) no longer present a muddy taste;

  • Allows easy observation of the fishes, and use of existing water bodies;

  • Allows the breeding of different species in the same environment;

  • Low and accessible cost, allowing quick investment return;

  • The net tank cover, offered as an accessory, avoids the action of predators and the breeding to scape;

  • The net tank bag, offered as an accessory, facilitates transportation and handling the breed;

  • The net tank feeder, offered as an accessory, facilitates the feeding of the breeding;

  • Permanent technical assistance throughout the national territory for our product

  • Imagem de tanque submerso - Sansuy
  • Imagem de tanque submerso - Sansuy
  • Imagem de tanque submerso - Sansuy